We’re unlocking the value of data for anyone with a website.

The Future of Data Belongs to All of Us

We started Spinnakr because we found it intolerable that the value of big data is still locked away, and there’s the perception that only data scientists hold the keys. Even more troubling, the mainstream movement in analytics is to add complexity, taking big data even further away from the average person.


Analytics Should Do the Hard Work for You

We see a completely different future – one where access and understanding of this data is radically simplifed and made available to literally anybody with a website. We see a future where your web analytics does all of the work for you – from insight, to recommendation, to action – and lets you focus on being creative.


You Have to Move Fast To Win

Every other landing page, targeting and A/B testing product focuses on the long- term trends, the currents at the bottom of the ocean, and ignores the fast-moving waves. But the wave is where most of the value is – the massive traffic spike that will pop up in moments and could control the fate of your company.

A New Future for Data

Until now it’s been too time-intensive and difficult to manage such traffic. But we let you discover and control the big waves, that vast majority of organic traffic, and that’s part of the reason why the approach is so much more effective than anything done before.