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Goodbye Static Web: D.C. Startup Looks To Customize the Internet

“The Web is organized by documents but these documents are artifacts,” explains Spinnakr cofounder Michael Mayernick. “But the Web is about opportunities rather than documents. These things should be recomposed dynamically. That’s our giant long-term project.”

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Analytics and optimization, they argue, need to be radically democratized and made accessible to even the most technologically novice business and content owners. And what’s more, those people should have one system that takes care of everything, from insight to recommendation to action.

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Spinnakr also helps customers take action on its recommendations. Using the same bit of code that helps it with the web analytics and tracking, the system also lets customers immediately manipulate the content on their website to address the event or trends."

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The tool eschews charts and graphs and instead employs machine-generated observations about site performance in real time. It can display alerts if it thinks a site is getting hit with lots of job seekers, or potential investors. Then it recommends actions for ordinary business users to consider taking.

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