Spinnakr is your analytics and optimization consultant

Spinnakr senses important opportunities and helps you respond to them.

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An insights feed for your website.

Analytics can be fun, simple and beautiful.

We do all the analysis for you and deliver you a clean list of insights about important news for your site.

Zero configuration.

Deploy Spinnakr in 30 seconds and we start analyzing your traffic.

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Receive smart recommendations and insights via email and in your browser.

We discover opportunities and trends in your web traffic and alert you when it's important.

Based on the opportunity we give you recommendations targeted to a specific usecase.

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Take action on our recommendations.

We can instantly deploy messaging to your website targeted at any segment of visitors we identify.

Instantly personalize your website
without bothering IT.

Use our beautiful editor to easily drop in messaging to your website to capture your incoming visitors. You can instantly personalize your website without bothering IT.

Watch your conversions skyrocket.

Activate our recommendations to
increase clickthroughs and conversions.

We track your progress and
report back on how well the
messaging works.

We've created a completely new way to engage your
website's visitors. See for yourself.

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“Woah... This is going to change marketing forever.”

Robert Scoble