Jobs at Spinnakr

Our challenge is to think creatively about engaging web visitors in new ways, to be resourceful in deploying data, and to figure out how to make the toughest parts of targeting so simple that real people can actually use it. It's a job that will make your brain hurt, but also one where you will think of ideas no one has ever tried before.

A pretty special place to work.

We're a small team where you'll get a lot of responsibility and credit, but also a venture-backed start-up at the center of the tech scenes in Washington D.C. and Silicon Valley.

Blaire loves working here so much
she agreed to
name her first
Justin is our young developer prodigy who eats code and cupcakes simultaneously.

People kind of love us.

We were named the top startup at the Data 2.0 Summit and the Founders Showcase, we're backed by a team of world-class investors and advisors, and the coolest kids in the world wear our swag.

Doodle or Die fan art showing a
Spinnakr tank
crushing data in
its path.
500 Startups chief badass Dave McClure sporting some Spinnakr shades.

We solve hard problems.

We work at the forefront of real time, big data, predictive analyics. Each day is a challenge to think innovatively about how to transform hundreds of millions of records into usable recommendations for business operators.

A late-night whiteboarding session showing
off some of our technology
The Spinnakr debugger baneling working hard after everyone else has gone to bed for the night.

Leaders in the Community.

You might find us co-organizing the largest tech meetup in the world, hosting office happy hours and hackathons, and mentoring other entrepreneurs.

We were Proudly Made in DC and
never forget it :-)
The Spinnakr team presenting on the future of big data.

Open Positions

No positions available at this time. Please check back again later.